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Whether you are an advisor looking for a new start or a final home, an RIA, OSJ or BD looking for assistance recruiting ideal advisors or a boutique BD looking to merge or acquire another firm to accelerate growth, we’re here to make the process more effective and far less arduous.

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Broker/Dealer Mergers & Acquisitions

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OSJ, RIA & BD Recruiting

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  • Advisors

    Get free unbiased research on the top independent broker dealers without ever having to speak with them.

    We are the Advisor Placement Experts and have become the leading source for placing financial representatives and advisors with the top broker/dealers in the industry. With over a decade of recruiting success, we have the relationships and knowledge you need to land the most competitive offers on the street-and with complete confidentially.

    Our recruiters understand that when you work with us, YOU are our client. You are more than just a name and a number. You represent the goals and dreams of your clients and we take that seriously.

    We commit to finding you the best broker/dealer based on your needs. With almost 5000 firms in the business, you can count on us to find you the right firm for you, your team and more importantly – for your clients.


    Best of all, we offer this critical service to you at no cost. Our compensation has no impact on your payout or transition package.

    Contact us @ 661.266.0099 for more information.


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  • Broker/Dealer Mergers & Acquisitions

    Financial advisors are always asking,
    “What’s the quickest way to grow my practice?”

    The answer:
    “Purchase a quality book of business with recurring revenue.” 

    The same can be said about the growth of a broker/dealer.

    How to grow a broker/dealer.
    Regulatory oversight and razor thin margins in the industry have pushed the national average of broker/dealer merger and acquisition to historic levels.  This growing trend will be headline news for many years but it’s not always a negative.  Granted while many firms have been shut down due to arbitration, quality firms with strong foundations are thriving with an infusion of quality financial representatives across the country.  It’s also creating opportunity for smaller to mid-size broker/dealers to leverage the economies of scale that exist.

    Many firms have merged with competing broker/dealers and now share back office operations, compliance oversight, cutting edge technology and more importantly the risk involved in the market place.  Firms are able to combine resources, recruit, reach broader markets and enjoy the reduction of pricing and the luxury of multi-custodial relationships.

    The process is not simple and there are many moving parts but we can assist with the introduction and the ongoing relationship needed to help your firm acquire or merge your way to success!

    It all starts with a phone call and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.  All information is kept in strict confidence and no information is shared until if and when your firm has completed the transaction.  Only then is the information shared for recruiting and retention purposes going forward.

    With almost 5000 broker/dealers in the business to choose from, we can and will find you a firm that shares in the culture of your team and the vision of your executive staff. 

    We look forward to helping and providing more information – contact our Executive Recruiter David Reyna for a confidential consultation @ 661.266.0099.


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  • OSJ, RIA & BD Recruiting

    Recruiting to your team is one of our specialties and we thrive on sharing your story. We'll help you attract more ideal advisors and you get to define “ideal”.

    There’s strength in numbers. Different skill sets can be shared amongst your advisory team, networking opportunities are expanded, and most importantly, there are economies of scale.

    Recruiting the right advisors to your firm sounds like it should be a simple process but we all know it’s not. There are a lot of choices and a lot of barriers. The wrong choice can be painfully expensive. Successful recruiting also requires a strong hub of connections and opportunities; both invaluable commodities we’re flush in.

    At RepRecruit, we’ll help you develop a team of reps to share the vision of your firm.

    We have identified hundreds of experienced financial representatives, with a current book of business to branch offices across the country for years. In fact we placed over 2 billion dollars in new assets to branch offices in 2014 alone and we expect that to continue to increase every year.



    We believe that our compensation should be based on our performance. We do not charge a retainer fee for our services and we do not charge for any of the marketing costs involved in attracting financial representatives to your branch. We work directly with your broker/dealer and only source candidates that fit your business needs. We also provide consultation on preparing you and your office to recruit new individuals at no cost.

    Contact us @ 661.266.0099 for more information.


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